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Build Stronger Bones In Just 15 Minutes Once a Week! 

Reverse bone loss using cutting-edge, clinically proven strategies such as BioDensity, lifestyle, and supplementation.

“After 6 months of using bioDensity once a week, I have seen patients with bone density scans showing a remarkable 7% improvement.”

Harvey Mishner, MD

Watch This Video to Learn About the bioDensity Technology Used at OsteoCoach

Denise Taylor

BioDensity User

After 18 months I had significant increases in bone density confirmed by DXA scan and my bone density has remained stabile ever since. 

The OsteoCoach Approach

In just 10 minutes, once a week, we help you to strengthen your bones and body using the “OsteoCoach Approach”, a proprietary system for building resilient bones developed by an anti-aging pharmacist and author of the international bestseller, Strong Bones Forever, Dr. Ray Hinish.Using the OsteoCoach system, you will enjoy more resilient bones, significantly improved strength,  better balance, improved posture, and less joint and back pain. The proven BioDensity system used at the OsteoCoach Center For Strong Bones has been used safely and successfully in men and women of all ages, even in their 90s, even in people with T-scores up to -4.0. With our “Come As You Are” policy, you can do the program in any clothes including work clothes, you don’t have to worry about sweating! OsteoCoach is the fastest, most convenient way to build a healthy skeleton (and physical strength to match).

“After 1 year my DXA scan score showed that I no longer had low bone density in my hip. It had risen well into the normal T-Score range. The density of my spine had always been in the normal range but had now scored even higher…I was skeptical that such results could be achieved, but now I am a believer.”

Jean De La Cruz

BioDensity User

The 5 Fracture-Resistance Factors

More Than Bone Density…

The OsteoCoach Approach

At OsteoCoach we believe that if the only thing that improves is bone density, we’ve failed you. The OsteoCoach Approach (TM) focuses on improving all 5 Fracture-Resistance Factors. By working on density, strength, balance, vitality and environment we build a holistic fracture-resistance plan that has WONDERFUL side effects including: More Energy, More independence, More Strength, Stability, and ADVENTURE in life!

Meet Your Team of Coaches

Ray Hinish, Pharm.D.

Author of the Amazon bestseller, Strong Bones Forever and creator of OsteoCoach.

Heidy Garcia, C.P.T.

Director of coaching and training, Heidy Garcia is the heart and soul of OC!

Marcela Robinson, C.P.T.

Director of operations who is responsible for keeping OC running so that we can save more bones!

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