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1 in 3 women and 1 in 5 men will suffer an osteoporosis-related fracture in their lifetime and 1 in 5 of those who break their hip won’t live to see their next birthday? It’s terrifying AND you don’t have to be a statistic…

OsteoCoach is an innovative program, developed by the Ray Hinish, Pharm.D. and personal trainer, Heidy Garcia, to trigger the bone-building process while  simultaneously restoring your strength, energy, vitality, and zest for life. 

It works! Read on to uncover how…

Meet Some of our members


christina Bethell

it will change your life on all levels to gain the strength and confidence in your body again.  I feel maybe I could even start taking up a sport and dating again sometime this year.  Do it but you can’t have my spot! I love knowing I am in expert hands with sincere care and focus on my complex needs so that I can safely regain my strength and health.  


I was struggling with the decision to have a double knee replacement when I came to OsteoCoach. Within a short time of working with Heidy, she was able to design a workout that would strengthen my body and increase my range of motion to the point where I knew that a knee replacement was not the answer. Not only has by daily activities become easier, I have a renewed excitement for physical fitness. 

Elen duty

“Before OsteoCoach. Truth: I was in a lot of pain in my knee and back and just found out I had osteoporosis. My energy level was not at its best . Now: I now have very little pain in my back and knee.  I was not looking for my pain to stop but the workouts help. The best part now is I reached my  first goal, was osteoporosis now osteopenia. Working on my second goal!”

3 types

Bone cells

Your bones have three types of cells: bone eating cells (osteoclasts), bone-building cells (osteoblasts), and bone-load-sensing cells (osteocytes).

Most osteoporosis drugs, specifically bisphosphonates like Fosamax, Actonel, and Boniva work to slow bone loss by inhibiting the activity of bone-eating cells called osteoclasts.

Other drugs, like Prolia, work by preventing the bone-eating cells from being produced by the body. This results in a decrease in bone removal because you have fewer bone-eating cells roaming through the bones. (Sounds good, but there are problems with the drug approach…)


bone-building process

Even though these drugs can lead to modest increases in bone density over time, many worry that they don’t do enough to improve the quality of the bone because they are only effecting one side of the equation…the bone removal process.

Whether or not you use osteoporosis drugs, most doctors agree that you should do things within your power to STIMULATE the bone-building process!

Unfortunately, very few options exist in the medical world to promote the bone-building process…

We Need a NEW Approach

The OsteoCoach Approach

While drugs are focused on slowing bone loss, The OsteoCoach Approach is about building stronger, fracture-resistant bones through the activation of bone-building cells (rather than the poisoning of bone-eating cells). We achieve this through our unique approach that utilizes the best lifestyle and supplement recommendations combined with a scientifically-proven method called “osteogenic loading”.

Osteogenic loading involves challenging the bones in a safe way that activates the innate ability of the body to repair and rejuvenate itself. When you trigger this natural bone-strengthening process, the bone density goes up as the bone quality improves. The result is harder AND stronger bones!

There is a problem though…

According to published research, to activate this bone-strengthening effect, you must challenge the bones of the thigh and hip by exposing it to 4.2 multiples of body weight. In other words, if you weigh 120 pounds, you would need to lift a load equivalent to 504 pounds in order to trigger the bone-building response in the thighbone and hip. This was a big problem, until now…

At the OsteoCoach Center in Owings Mills, Maryland, we use an amazing machine called the bioDensity to help men and women of any age with osteoporosis safely apply a bone-building load.

Watch bioDensity

In Action On NBC

bioDensity and PowerPlate are two of the core tools used at OsteoCoach to help you strengthen your bones and reverse osteoporosis.

how OsteoCoach Works

The OsteoCoach Center For Strong Bones is dedicated to one goal…To help you strengthen your bones, joints, and body using safe strategies that nourish your innate ability to heal.
There are side effects though…

Side effects include:

When you come into the center, you will sit down with one of our trained coaches and we’ll discuss your current health situation and wellness goals. Based on your situation, he will help you formulate a plan forward which will include lifestyle improvements and supplement recommendations.

After all of your questions are answered, your OsteoCoach will walk you through a free BioDensity session at which time we will get your baseline strength readings. Then we will schedule your next free BioDensity session for one week later. It is not uncommon to see strength improvements after your first session! After your free follow up session we will print out a report showing your progress and explain the next steps. Here’s a short news story on NBC that demonstrates the bioDensity in action. 

SOME of the


Many Report 4-7% INCREASES In Density In The First Year
Requires Just 10-15 minutes Once Per Week
No Special Clothes Required – Come As You Are
Safe For People With Previous Knee Surgeries

Tested In Over 1,000,000 Sessions

25-50% Improvements In Strength Over 12 Weeks
Better Balance and Fall Resistance
More Independence, More Energy, More Vitality, Less Pain & Stiffness
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