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bioDensity is a safe and controlled approach offering the benefits of high impact activity without the risk of heavy lifting or jumping. Once-weekly, bioDensity sessions are shown to improve bone density to combat osteoporosis and osteopenia, as well as improve lipids and blood sugar (A1C) measurements in type 2 diabetics. Regular use of the bioDensity improves the structures of the body, the building blocks of movement and function for increased quality of life.

Each skeleton is different and results will vary. According to bioDensity, the average reported increase in bone density is 4-7% in a year (although research into the BioDensity has shown up to 14% increases in bone density in a year). Besides improvements in bone density, users report dramatic improvements in muscle strength with most people reporting 25-50% increases in strength in the first 12 weeks. Most doctors are thrilled if their patients simply do not lose bone density in a year, a 4-7% increase in bone density is very uncommon even in people who are taking medications for osteoporosis. 

At OsteoCoach we have found that there are three levels of potential benefit. Level 3 benefit is a slowing of bone loss. For example, if you lost 4% of your bone over a 2 year period (2% per year), and you decrease that to 1% per year, that is a victory in and of itself. A level 2 benefit is when you stabilize your bone loss and the DXA scan shows that you lost no bone, that too is a victory since the average loss is 2% per year in most women. Finally, we have the holy grail, a level 1 benefit, which means you reversed bone loss and actually gained bone density. 

We aim for a level 1 benefit, however, every person is different and you should be excited by any of the three levels of benefit since most women will lose bone every year.

OsteoCoach is billed similarly to a monthly gym membership. We charge just $199 a month, which includes 4 sessions per month as well as access to our experts and use of the bioDensity equipment. Although we will likely need to increase our prices in the future, you will continue to receive this special price as long as you are a member. Our center is only equipped to serve approximately 100 people, once those spots are filled, we will start a waiting list. Unlike gym workouts, you only need to dedicate 20-25 minutes ONCE per week to nourish your skeleton and muscles using the bioDensity technology and our proprietary muscle strengthening system. This is a huge advantage over other workouts which require 45-60 minutes three to five days a week.

There is no better investment than your health and we believe that the benefits and rewards of the OsteoCoach program go way beyond just helping you build bone. You will notice SIGNIFICANT improvements in health, vitality, strength, balance, and ability to do everyday tasks. You will have more personal freedom and less worry about falling and fracturing. Is that worth a few bucks a day invested in yourself?

Yes! The OsteoCoach program will complement the osteoporosis medications by helping to stimulate more bone repair. With time, you may even be able to convince your doctor to take you off of the meds. You should know that these types of drugs can cause the bone quality to suffer over time (which can weaken the bones) and we may need to take things slower with you to account for this possible negative effect, however, that should not stop you from improving your health, strength, balance, and vitality. 

Over the last decade, the manufacturer of bioDensity has recorded over 1,000,000 bioDensity sessions worldwide without a single injury claim. The machine has been tested in people in their 90s and in clients with bone densities as low as -4.0. You can even do the bioDensity if you have had joint replacements and/or other surgeries.

Disclaimer: With severity of osteoporosis comes more risk with ANY type of exercise. We recommend stopping by and picking up a brochure to give your doctor. If he/she gives you the green light, then we are here to help! We will need to take things slow, our goal may not be reversal in the first year, rather we may aim to stabilize bone loss and focus on strength, balance, and vitality. That being said, our osteoporosis patients (some of which have severe osteoporosis) often report significant improvements in density in year one. 

Absolutely!!! The sooner you start OsteoCoach the better. People who have been diagnosed with osteopenia have a great shot at completely reversing bone loss to the point where they are no longer considered to have low bone density. The OsteoCoach program can even be beneficial in helping young women reach a higher peak bone mass, which helps to prevent osteoporosis later in life. 

You can continue the OsteoCoach program for as long as you like. We recommend having a follow-up DXA scan after 18 months (we have had people retest after just 10 months and see significant improvements), depending on the results, you may continue to work out on your own at a gym or decrease your sessions to twice monthly for maintenance. Many people report feeling so good doing the bioDensity that they wouldn’t think of stopping.

Sometimes! That being said, it’s not debilitating and most people report that they like the soreness because it makes them feel like they are getting stronger! Over time people experience less muscle soreness. Nobody quits the OsteoCoach program because of soreness. 

The program is a minimal sweat workout, many will not sweat at all. It takes just 10-15 minutes to finish an OsteoCoach session.

Yes, but only GREAT side effects! People who do the OsteoCoach program once weekly have reported improvements in strength, energy, range of motion and flexibility, better balance, and less pain and stiffness in joints and back. There may be a little muscle soreness a day or two after your session, but it’s a good soreness that is normal and healthy. The beneficial side effects reported are often described as transformative with people saying they feel 10 years younger! 

When completing the four movements in bioDensity you will be required to push as hard as you can for just 5 seconds for each of four exercises. The force would be similar in nature to pushing or lifting an object of significant weight and size in four different directions: (1) forward using your hands; (2) forward using your feet; (3) upward using your knees and (4) upward using your arms and legs together. 

After completing a bioDensity session you may feel like you’ve completed physical work. In addition to the bioDensity, your coach will walk you through a series of functional exercises designed to improve lower body stength and endurance for improved balance. Our trainers are not just focused on improving density, they work to help make your body fall and fracture resistant. 

You will feel warm from increased blood circulation and from work completed by the muscles. Within 24 hours you may feel muscular fatigue and maybe a little muscle soreness that usually goes away within a day or two. Users often comment on their improved mood and confidence as a result of their documented success. 

No. We have a “come as you are” policy. You can come in your work clothes, jeans, shorts, or pajamas. The only requirement is no heels. Many people come before, during, or after work and don’t need to change.

The DXA Scan is considered the gold standard test for bone density. We recommend asking your doctor for a DXA scan. The gold standard test is the DXA test, however, due to insurance limitations and radiation exposure, we do not recommend DXA scans more than once every 18-24 months.

Unlike conventional strength training, bioDensity is focused on maximal loading of bones. It is only performed in the position where you are strongest because it’s the amount of the load, not the length of time, that triggers the natural bone-building process. All bioDensity studies were performed in this way; just 5 seconds per exercise, once per week. We encourage you to get plenty of activity and even encourage resistance training and cardiovascular exercise outside of your OsteoCoach session for overall health and wellness. As for bone density, the OsteoCoach program will do most of the work any other physical activity you get is icing on the cake.

The bioDensity machine is designed to load the bones in such a way that triggers a bone-building effect. For the most part, it is very difficult to achieve this result using conventional weight training. For the leg bones to grow stronger, you need to compress the bone under weights that are equal to or greater than 4.2 times body weight. So, if you weigh 150 pounds, you will need to lift 600+ pounds to achieve bone building effects. bioDensity allows us to achieve osteogenic stimulation with very little risk to the bone fracturing. In addition, the weight training workouts that have been successful in restoring lost bone usually require 30-60 minutes 3-5 days a week under close supervision. The OsteoCoach Approach requires 15 minutes once a week. We encourage more physical activity beyond your OsteoCoach session for health and wellness purposes, however, as far as the bones are concerned, the bioDensity alone should provide the needed stimulus to slow bone loss, stop bone loss, and even restore lost bone density.

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Many Report 4-7% INCREASES In Density In The First Year
Requires Just 10-15 minutes Once Per Week
No Special Clothes Required – Come As You Are
Safe For People With Previous Knee Surgeries
Tested In Over 800,000 Sessions
25-50% Improvements In Strength Over 12 Weeks
Better Balance and Fall Resistance
More Independence, More Energy, More Vitality, Less Pain & Stiffness
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